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Any questions? Call Catherine on 0735 506 6597

Patients with insurance with the major healthcare insurance companies (BUPA, AXA-PPP, Aviva, PruHealth, WPA, Cigna & most others) are covered to undergo surgery at the Centre.

For patients without healthcare insurance, consultation costs can be confirmed at the time of booking. Typically, a first consultation will cost £200 and a return consultation £150.

The Glasgow Colorectal Centre offers very attractive all-inclusive fixed price packages for those who do not have medical insurance.  Fixed priced costs for some procedure are listed here. These prices are subject to change and you should confirm the current price before booking a procedure.  

You can choose a repayment time period to suit you, from one to five years. If approved, you can take advantage of interest-free credit when you choose a 12-month plan, or 9.9% APR if you pay over a longer period.

Further information on Fixed price packages and Payment plans can be obtained here. For more information on payment plans, please call 0808 296 4619.  

Although it is not possible to answer specific clinic questions by email, I am happy to advise if it is worthwhile making a clinic appointment to discuss your health. Please feel free to contact us at

Fixed price packages cover the full cost of the procedure  (including the surgical, anaesthetic, pathology and hospital fees). All inpatient costs for accommodation and meals are included in the package price. Patients with private medical insurance will be required to have the procedure pre-authorised by their insurers and if an excess applies this should also be paid directly to the hospital. Fixed price packages for some of the more commonly performed procedures are listed here. However, these prices are subject to change and it is advisable to check with the Business Office in Ross Hall before arranging your procedure.

Procedure fees are collected directly by the hospital. The initial consultation fee is separate to the surgical fee and will be collected by your surgeon. You may be required in most cases to attend a pre-operative health assessment to confirm your suitability for surgery and these costs are included. A date for a post operative consultation with your surgeon will be made before discharge form hospital and the cost of this visit is included in the procedure price for surgery.

The cost of your consultation and procedure



First consultation


Return consultation



£2750 (sedation) - £3,153 (GA)

Upper GI endoscopy


Combined Upper GI endoscopy & colonoscopy

£3,000 (sedation) - £3,500 (GA)

Banding of haemorrhoids (day case)


THD/HALO procedure for haemorrhoids




Injection of anus with Botox (for anal fissure)


Excision of anal skin tags or lesion of anus

£1,732 (LA)

£1,835 (GA)

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