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The following links contain details of websites that provide additional information for patients with a variety of colorectal conditions.

Useful links

Links to relevant websites

A user friendly and helpful charity and website set up by Lynn Faulds. It provides a symptom checker, helpful videos, leaflets and more detailed information about bowel cancer

Scottish NHS website which provides guidelines on standards of care in the diagnosis and management of patients with colorectal cancer.  Mostly for professionals but some sections are patient friendly

Cancer Research UK: patient orientated organisation that gives detailed information on the diagnosis and management of bowel cancer

An NHS Scotland based website giving information on the national Scottish Bowel Screening programme:

Helpline: 0800 012 1833

England - Helpline: 0800 707 60 60

Bowel Cancer UK: Dedicated to raising awareness, improving the quality of life of those affected and ultimately, reducing deaths from bowel cancer.

7 Rickett Street, London, SW6 1RU

Tel: 08708 50 60 50 (Bowel Cancer Advisory Service)

Bowel Bowel Cancer UK: A national charity working to raise awareness of symptoms, promote early diagnosis and encourage open access to treatment choice for those affected by bowel cancer. Address. Harlequin House, 7 High Street, Teddington TW11 8EE

Tel: 08450 719 300 Tel (Nurse helpline): 08450 719 301

Macmillan Cancer Support: They provide information and support to anyone affected by cancer. Address:  7 Rickett Street, London, SW6 1RU.  Tel: Tel: 0808 800 1234

This link takes you to various guidelines relating to colorectal cancer. Each guideline usually has a corresponding 'information for the public' to explain things in plain English.

Bowel Cancer

UK  patient orientated organisation. Provides useful information for patients with Crohn’s and colitis. Organisation had local branches and is also involved in fundraising

Ulcerative colitis & Crohn’s

A UK  based charity aiming to improve understanding and research into all diseases of the intestine, liver and pancreas. Provides useful information for patients.

NHS Choices to provide information and check on specific symptoms symptoms and general health information

New easy to use website that allows to input your bowel symptoms to see if any are a cause for concern

Colostomy, Ileostomy & Pouch

UK  charity providing support, practical information for patients with a colostomy

UK  charity providing support, funding raising for research and information for patients who have had their colon removed and have either an ileostomy or ileoanal pouch

Haemorrhoids & THD Procedure

NHS website proving information on haemorrhoids and treatments

Industry website providing information on anorectal conditions and the THD procedure for haemorrhoids

Bowel Problems

Website with clear information &  diagrams/pictures about SNS

Sacral Nerve Stimulation

Tel: 0114 272 32 53


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Helpline (England): 0845 122 8690 Helpline (Northern Ireland): 0845 122 8687

Provides information and advice on all aspects of contraception and sexual health.

A professional association but their website includes contact details of GUM clinics.

Anogenital Warts