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What are PTQ implants??

 PTQ is an injectable soft-tissue bulking agent used to treat faecal incontinence.  PTQ is made up of two parts - the water-soluble gel (polyvinylpyrrolidone) that is absorbed and removed from the body in urine and the man-made, rubber-like, silicone elastomer implant material (cross-linked polydimethylsiloxane) that is permanent and not absorbed by the body.  It is this permanent material that causes the bulking effect after implantation.

How are PTQ implants inserted?

PTQ Implants are usually injected as a day-case procedure. Usually 3 injections/implants are used, each consisting of 2 mls of PTQ. This is injected around the anal sphincter muscle in augment the muscle. Most patients find little or no discomfort after the procedure.

Is everyone with faecal incontinence suitable for PTQ implants?

Unfortunately not. PTQ injections appear to work best with patients who have “passive faecal incontinence” (see section on faecal incontinence). These patients usually get leakage of stool on exercise or after having a bowel motion. PTQ does not appear to work in patients with urge incontinence.

How successful is treatment?

Just over half of patients who undergo treatment find a substantial benefit from PTQ injections. Most find that this beneficial effect is long-lasting although some may find that the beneficial effect wanes over time.

What are the side-effects and complications of treatment?

In general terms, the procedure is well tolerated and have few side-effects. Rare infections around the injection may occur. These might require antibiotics. If the implant is placed to close to the skin, it might be possible to feel a bulge, but this should not cause additional problems. The biggest issue that the treatment only work in just over half of patients who undergo treatment.

Can I undergo injection of PTQ at the Glasgow Colorectal Centre?

Yes, Colorectal surgeon Richard Molloy is experienced in assessing patients with faecal incontinence and will be able to advise if this is felt too  be the best treatment.

An information sheet on PTQ Implants can be downloaded here

PTQ Implants  for Faecal Incontinence

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PTQ is an injectable soft-tissue bulking agent used to treat faecal incontinence. The material is injected into the tissues at the anus (back passage) in order to help with poor control. It is a relatively simple day-case procedure that can improve anal sphincter muscle function.

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If you have any questions or wish to find out more information about about faecal incontinence or PTQ implants, your own GP is often the best first port of call. They will be able to arrange a referral to a colorectal specialist centre such as the Glasgow Colorectal Centre.